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Appearances by Jeffrey Wright, Jena Malone, Sam Claflin, Josh Hutcherson, and Francis Lawrence


The way he looks at her…. I can’t *the feeeeeeeeeels!!*


The way he looks at her…. I can’t *the feeeeeeeeeels!!*

“This feels to me like the first truly adult performance Josh Hutcherson has given. I like him as a performer, and I think he’s had an interesting ride so far. I’d love to talk to him sometime about his performance capture work for Robert Zemeckis on “The Polar Express.” I think both “Zathura” and “Bridge To Terabithia” are under-seen gems, and movies like “Detention” and “The Kids Are All Right” speak well to how adventurous he’s going to be with material. Up till now, though, I don’t think I’ve really seen a performance where everything boyish about him was simply gone, and here, he shows us what makes Peeta Mellark more than just some boy with a crush on Katniss. He’s got a personal definition of love and sacrifice that he lives by that seem far more intense than anything Katniss can possibly return, and he knows that there will never be a balance. He knows that she won’t feel the same way. But when he demands respect from her in this film, it’s one of those things that makes me really like a character, because he’s right, and the way he handles it actually helps things instead of making them worse.”

HitFix Review ”Catching Fire”

The feels from this review :O

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Rose & Dimitri training

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